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Tear Off 5x8” Notepad, 50 Pages

The YIB Connection Pad, is an approachable, yet powerful tool to tap into your soul, or what Jacq loves to call, your Inner Babe.

As we know, self-connection takes commitment. It takes effort. But the work WILL work, if you let it. The weight of our feelings can sometimes come on strong and unexpected, but by putting a pen to paper you can instantly create the space to find your light again.

Jacq wanted to make these check-ins easily accessible, no matter where you are, without relying on your journal to be close by. Once a day, twice a day, three times a day or however many times you may need, The Connection Pad is a safe space for you to get real and honest. Write it out of your mind, make a declaration to the universe and rip it off and move forward from that clean slate.

We are all on a forever journey with a forever choice.

A choice to choose ourselves, over and over again.

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